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Pros and Cons of Having Sex When You Are High on Cannabis

He says; she says. Your sex live (or your perception of your sex life) may influence your decision to smoke weed at the same time you are trying to get something else on.

There are pros and cons of having sex when you are high on cannabis. And, those differences may mean different things to men and women.

Marijuana: sedative or stimulant?
Michael Castleman acknowledges the scarcity of quality research on the effects of marijuana on human sexuality in Psychology Today. He writes, “The sexual effects of every other mood-altering drug - alcohol, amphetamines, antidepressants, cocaine, narcotics - are well-documented, fairly consistent, and not particularly controversial.”

When you smoke marijuana, the THC moves quickly through the lungs to the bloodstream. It then hits the brain where it overexcites neuro-chemical receptors. That produces the “high.” It distorts color and sound, coordination and mood, and muscular control and psychoactive perception.

While “excitement” means an inebriating stimulation, it also manifests as a lasting and relaxing calm. For most users, that’s the idea. Smoking weed is a mind-altering escape. Those who consider these effects as negative have prohibited its use and effective research into its pros and cons.

She says.
Lauren Vinopal, writing for Fatherly, reported on a survey of 1,400 medical marijuana consumers in California. “They didn’t specifically ask subjects if they used weed for sex, but 14 percent reported using it to enhance their sex lives and 47 percent used it to improve their mood — presumably a turn-on for everyone involved. While more men are using weed than women (64 versus 36 percent), women beat out men when it came to using it for sex (8 versus 4 percent).”

This survey depended on unreliable self-disclosure, and the results do not deserve her claim that weed outdoes Viagra for women. It does, however, suggest that it, indeed, reduces users’ inhibitions. But, as with one or more cocktails, you can overdo it.

To the extent that the female sexual response is mostly psychological, as some scientists and many men believe, women might find the marijuana effect of some cannabis strains supportive and pleasantly relaxing. Those strains may also reduce the anxiety, stress, depression, and chronic pain that militate against enjoyable sexual behavior.

To the extent that the female sexual response is attributed to blood flow, as some physiologists believe, cannabis can increase the strength and duration of arousal and sexual response to stimulation. HelloMD reports a University of British Columbia study of the effects of application of cannabis topical lotions. When exposed to pornography, subjects treated with cannabis oil reported heightened sexual response.

One California vendor promotes a female personal lubricant to relieve vaginal dryness and arouse sensitive tissue. Women’s Health quotes Alyssa Dweck, M.D. and Ob-gyn, “the potential for relaxation from marijuana absorption through the vaginal mucosa makes sense.” One user admitted, “it wasn’t a miracle lube, and although it made her wetter and more relaxed than usual, she didn’t report any 15 minute orgasms.”

Women should worry about interactions with alcohol, birth control, and fertility treatments.

He says.
Weed relaxes the mood and social environment. It relieves smokers of tensions, fatigue, and distracting stresses. This made for a positive experience. Otherwise, it has some downsides for men.

Peak Testosterone claims, “marijuana is a one-way ticket to low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and fertility problems.”

Male Virility News claims, “Marijuana has been said to interfere with the production of testosterone and other hormones associated with reproduction, causing possible infertility among adult users and delayed sexual development among adolescents.

However, there is no evidence that marijuana lowers testosterone levels or that it impairs male reproductive functioning.”

Studies published since the 1980s have claimed marijuana use reduces testosterone. But, Andrew Smith points out in MDmag over 40 years of research hasn’t led to clarity on the issue. “Among animals, however, trials show conclusively that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, lowers testosterone, throws testosterone and estrogen out of balance and creates a host of problems.”

Dr. Christopher Assandra at AskMen says, “Marijuana use has also been associated with orgasm-related problems (both premature ejaculation and inability to achieve orgasm). Likewise, a 2010 study published in the Journal European Urology found that marijuana may contribute to ED by inhibiting the nervous system response that causes an erection in the first place.”

And, Daily Mail (04 March 2017) reports a University of Aberdeen study on mice. “The team found that in mice, cannabis may actually boost the amount of testosterone produced as a result of brain signals, but it reduces the amount produced by the testes... a serious negative impact on testosterone production.”

Men should also worry about combining marijuana with alcohol and prescription medications including Viagra.

What men and women need to know!
It would appear from the limited research on either gender that marijuana has no significant effect on sexual interest or performance - when used in moderation.

Men and women enjoy fuller physical and psychological sex when robust and healthy. Anecdotal history claims that light use of cannabis will enhance sexual experience by reducing physical and psychological inhibitions.

Heavy use of marijuana over long periods of time and/or with other medications, stimulants, or sedatives will negatively affect sexual performance and fertility. Of course, real and lasting stoners really couldn’t care.

It also makes sense for sexual partners to choose cannabis strains that avoid agitation and paranoia or couch lock and paralysis. If you smoke to enhance and round-out an experience, it can be great. If you smoke to avoid responsibility or commitment, you may be looking for trouble.

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Can Cannabis Consumption pose any Problems with Work-Related Medical Exams?

Employers concerned with recruiting talent, with productive performance, and the safety of their workforce have routinely required medical exams before hiring workers. With the best of motives, they have required testing on employees involved in workplace accidents and injury. And, where applicable, they have tested employees on a random basis to comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act and with requirements attached to federal and/or state contracts.
Speaking for its traditional employee advocacy, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)speaks of “Companies with drug-testing policies that ban any use of marijuana by employees say pot smoking adds to health care costs, turnover, absenteeism, workplace performance problems and safety issues.”
Typical tests
2 Typical tests
Kate Martin, writing for The New Tribune, reported that, while one in five job applicants failed drug testing before hire at a large business in Washington, 30% of applicants failed the testing after the state legalized marijuana.
With the expansion of state laws legalizing and/or decriminalizing possession and use of medical marijuana and/or recreational use, those same employers are uncertain what route to take.
They are pulled between not wanting to interfere with employee private lives and their fear of the potential for suffering the liability of accidents on the business property or in one of its vehicles. So, they require testing in traditional formats:
  • Urine. Urine tests can show marijuana use several days beforehand, but they do not indicate that the person is using at the time of the testing.
  • Blood. Invasive and expensive blood tests offer a better measure of whether a person is currently under the influence, so they are used after accidents.
  • Hair. Testing hair will detect marijuana use weeks or months after intake, but it does not differentiate current use.
  • Saliva. Tests of saliva tests can detect marijuana use within a day or two.
As The News Tribune reported, “Testing positive for cannabis means finding 50 nanograms per milliliter of a marijuana metabolite in one’s system. That level shows the individual used a marijuana product days or weeks in the past, but it does not prove the person was high at the time of testing.”
In a 2014 study, James W. Price, DO, MPH led research into the results of urine tests on employees involved in workplace accidents. He concluded there was no “statistically significant difference between the numbers of laboratory positive marijuana urine drug tests for a group of random drug tests compared with a group of post-accident drug tests.”
The reliability of testing and its results and inconsistent testing choices complicate the issue for most employers.
Bigger issues than reliability
3 Bigger issues than reliability
The changes in state law have spread, but the new White House may or may not raise barriers to this energy. So, if, for the moment, you limit the thinking to those states that have made the changes, you can see the problems.
Across state lines: An employer headquartered in a state that has approved cannabis use may have employees in a state that has not changed (or vice versa). Such companies are having trouble coming up with consistent and non-discriminatory testing policies.
ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act): Doctors prescribe medical marijuana as treatment for an increasing number of physical conditions. These include back pain, auto-immune diseases, Chron’s disease, PTSD, depression, and more. If medical marijuana users self-disclose, employers must protect them against discrimination under ADA.
Known affects: Medical or recreational marijuana produces desired and undesired effects. Depending on the type and potency of the strain, it affects eye-hand coordination, perception of space and time, and short-term memory.
Strains especially high in THC do influence your ability to drive or operate machinery safely. Chronic use may impair cognitive skills. And, all these results reduce productivity.
DWA: The Drug-Free Workplace Act is unforgiving, but it only applies to primary Federal contractors with contracts of $100,000 or more. While it does not require testing for any drugs. you can infer that testing is necessary to fulfill the prohibitions in the Act.
Can Cannabis Consumption pose any Problems with Work-Related Medical Exams?
If you consider the role of alcohol, you can see that, while alcohol possession and consumption are legal, an employer can test to see if employees are under the influence at hire, at work, and after accidents.
The same goes for cannabis. An employer, even in a state where cannabis has been legitimized, can prohibit use of cannabis at hire, at work, and after accidents. It cannot discriminate against authorized medical marijuana use, and it must make reasonable accommodation for those treating with medical marijuana. Finally, the employer may specify bona fide work tasks that employees cannot perform while under the influence.
So, you see, the problems are manageable, but solutions require thorough and repeated education of management and employees. That requires understanding of the pros and cons of marijuana use. Education must specify the drug policy terminology, personal use after-hours, and ADA and medical marijuana compliance. And, it must include the best testing technology and HR legal advice.
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5 Relationship Problems You Might Face If Your Partner Doesn’t Smoke Weed

Are potheads doomed to a lonely life? Some ex-partners claim there’s no way a couple will survive when only one of the two smokes weed.

“Pothead” is the operative word here. The total pothead may have a lot of relationship problems. But, marijuana smokers can still enjoy a normal personal, romantic, and sexual relationship with a partner who does not smoke.

The relationship between a weed-smoker and partner who does not take part may have problems. All relationships face challenges. Smoking weed may or may not end the relationship, but so may other behaviors.

5 Relationship Problems You Might Face If Your Partner Doesn’t Smoke Weed

Millions smoke marijuana as therapy for many physical and psychological problems. As state legislatures approve possession and use of cannabis products, pot smokers feel enabled and entitled. So, weed may soon have a presence in more relationships than not. That may present problems for some couples.

Problem #1 - Total Stoner:
If one party to the relationship is a deeply and chronically stoned pothead, even a tolerant partner may feel neglected and excluded. The total pothead clearly chooses the weed experience over the bonding communication of a sustainable relationship.

The weed experience is private and personal. So, even when the smoker talks about the experience, the other party will feel left out. Frequent sharing only aggravates the problem as the non-smoker tires of hearing about the smoker’s experience. What one partner thinks of as sharing wears thin over time.

Problem #2 – Big Spender:
2 Pro
Smoking weed comes with a real cost. Black market or white, the product costs money. Above ground prices include heavy taxes and considerable overhead. A user will consciously or unconsciously invest considerable money.

The occasional user might compare the purchase to that of a bottle of fine wine, a special personal treat. But, the chronic and daily weed smoker puts a lot of money into the habit. When that money comes out of the household budget, it drains the relationship. It leads to arguments and addictive spending.

Problem #3 – Life Avoidance:
Smoking weed leads to psychological and physical escape, stronger for some than for others. Any relationship enjoys the occasional escape from daily or unexpected stress and pain. But, psychological escape can be addictive.

When one partner consistently chooses escape, he/she is opting out of the relationship. They may look to weed as the first recourse for life’s problems. The partners may not realize this is happening. But, eventually the non-smoker feels the isolation. The relationship often follows a pattern in which the smoker slowly increases tolerance for the weed high and loses tolerance for the partnership.

Problem #4 - Personal Habits:
When relationships start, the partners experience and share mutual joys. They might travel or work together. They talk about mutual interests and explore shared adventures. They have friends and include them in discussions and experiences.

But, some partners adopt or slip into poor personal habits. They neglect personal hygiene and carry the skunk smell of marijuana in their clothing, hair, and breath. Non-smokers may find this objectionable.

Problem #5 – Value Shift:
3 Pro5
All relationships change over time. They deepen as each partner comes to respect and appreciate the other’s values. They might bond over politics, school loyalties, religious beliefs, and more. As these bonds deepen, there is some trade off. Each party brings something to the table, but they give up something or gain something of value.

Smoking weed can upset that balance. If, for example, a partner increases smoking frequency or spending over time, it taxes that tolerance. If the smoker’s behavior contributes to the partner’s stress and health, it will weaken and break the bond, eventually.

What causes such problems?
ZenQueen, writing on the girlsaskguys forum, summarized the problem, “He loved weed more than me, It got to be all he cared about, he was working 3 jobs to support his habit and didn't have enough time for me…. I feel like he was pushing aside a lot of his emotional problems by smoking weed.”

But, this kind of thing could happen if alcohol, opioids, meth, or factors were involved. Children, in-laws, and infidelity present similar challenges. Anything that draws and consumes one partner’s attention puts the entire relationship at risk.

What to do about it?
Users also should recognize that increased accessibility to marijuana has coincided with increased potency. So, that occasional tote may make social behavior angry, hostile, or aggressive. It may prompt a paranoia or delusions, or it may lock down the smoker.

It, therefore, benefits the weed smoker to reconsider the strain used. Smokers looking for an occasional and light experience should choose strains with lower THC scores to reduce the psychoactive effects. Smokers looking for calming and soothing therapies for pain and disease should look for high CBD scores.

In either case, the partners should discuss the use. As with any other relationship factors or habits, open communication puts things on the table. It’s important for the non-smoker to know what the smoker gets out of it, what they will spend for it, and what they consider a level of tolerance.

The smoker needs to know what the non-smoker objects to, what level of spending the non-smoker sees as conscientious, and what the non-smoker sees in the smoker’s behavior.

Despite personal stories about failed relationships, you won’t find researched evidence that smoking marijuana cause relationship problems. If it is a factor in a breakup, it is only one influence among others.

When weed becomes a third party in the relationship, it should not upset the relationship’s balance. If overused or abused, it will destroy partnerships. When welcomed to the relationship for what it is, smoking weed can enhance the relationship by putting partners at ease and relieving physical and psychological stresses.

But, it seems the one who smokes weed has some larger responsibility in the relationship management.

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The Short Guide to Picking the Best Fertilizer for Your Marijuana Plants

The Short Guide to Picking the Best Fertilizer for Your Marijuana Plants
Fertilizers feed and nourish plants. Using too much of the wrong thing will curse or kill your plants. And, that applies to cannabis plants, too.

Whether you’re growing grass indoors or out, organically or not, or in a kitchen window or hothouse, you should feed their growth. Here’s a short guide to picking the best fertilizer for your marijuana plants.

The key fertilizer elements:
Growing things need trace minerals, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. You work these amendments into the soil before planting, and without official standards, they vary from one fertilizer brand to another.

But, you can look for the N-P-K on the label. These are chemical table symbols for Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium. These appear as a three number sequence representing the element’s percentage of the weight. Still, you are left to trust to the manufacturer’s labeling.
  • Nitrogen: The growth of all flowering things depends on Nitrogen. Natural sources include blood meal, guano, and manure. Nitrogen is key to the photosynthesis that generates chlorophyll, converts carbon to sugar, energizes rapid growth, and increases foliage volume.
  • Phosphorous: They refine phosphorous from phosphate, process it from bird and bat guano, and grind it from bone meal. It really goes to work when the plants reach flowering stage. Blooming needs phosphorous feeding and responds with bud health, volume, and density.
  • Potassium: An alkali metal, potassium markets as potash to avoid unstable reactions with water and air. So, you must read labels to exclude potassium oxide because the K2O is caustic. Potash labeled K2SO4, K2SO4, 2MgSO4, and K2Mg2(SO4) should help strengthen plant immunity and improve flower growth and bloom.

Farmers committed to strictly organic products mix their own fertilizers, but even they risk undesirable chemical balances and reactions. Purely organic or homemade fertilizers release nutrients slowly, and that reduces the risk of overdoing it.

How to fertilize:
2 How to Fertilize
Fertilizer differs from plant food. Feeding plants helps them grow. But, fertilizers make them produce. All soils have some level of N-P-K, but growth will use it up without supplementation.

Cannabis fertilizers are readily available and vary from need to need. Because they pair fertilizers to the growth stage, you want to buy and use them as instructed. And, each strain has its own schedule of rooting, budding, and flowering.
  1. Dissolve the fertilizer in water when irrigating, but you must flush all fertilizers from the soil over with clean water through the two weeks prior to harvest.
  2. Spray leaves of larger plants with fertilizer solution and watch leaves for signs of nutrient deficiency.
  3. Choose potting soils with a pH value of seven in high organic content, but because N-P-K lowers the pH value, you should add calcium as needed.
  4. Fertilize and water according to plant size, pot size, and soil type understanding that too much water or too much fertilizer will damage or kill the plant.
  5. Avoid concentrated dosages by fertilizing every two weeks after the fifth week until plants flower.

The key growth stages:
3 The key Groth
Germination: Seeds and clones do not need help in their earliest stage. There’s no sense feeding them extra nutrients until they have developed a tap root.

Vegetation: N-P-K requirements change through the growth period. For example, seedlings look for a 2-1-2 ratio. At three to four weeks, the early plants want more nitrogen at 4-2-3. And, at five to six weeks, they need even more nitrogen at 10-5-7. You also should follow manufacturer’s instructions for growth in coco air or hydroponics.

Flowering: As the plants bloom, they need a phosphorous boost. As the respective strain’s schedule approaches flowering, you can use a 7-7-7 mixture for about a week before to help the plant transition. Next, increased phosphorous enters the balance. At first flowering, the ratio is 5-10-7. Mid-flowering needs 6-15-10, and late stage flowering benefits from 4-10-7.

Some recommendations

The most effective and efficient fertilizers may be handmade. Compost and meals do the job, but they remain inconvenient.

It makes good sense to favor product lines that offer each of the needs for your farming. Some lines offer soils, liquids, nutrients, and fertilizers, each of them balanced with its related products. Fox Farms and Flower Power, for example, offer total care with feeds configured for each stage of marijuana farming.
Scotts® Miracle-Gro® with its 24-8-16 ratio is water soluble and low cost. Some users complain of an ammonia taste, and some growers report burning plants out. But, Scotts has purchased General Hydroponics to enter the cannabis economy more fully.

Milorganite® is a high-nitrogen, organic innovation produced by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District. The reclaimed sewage water and by-products are processed through a complex system that adds microbes that consume the nutrient. They then settle to the bottom before they are kiln-dried and tested.

Dyna-Gro™ has its own line of high phosphorous hydroponics. But, they also offer total planning through Foliage-Pro®, GROW™, and BLOOM™. The Dyna-Gro Bloom’s 3-12-6 ration fills most cannabis growth and flowering needs.

Potassium silicate increases production of resin glands which hold the THC. Larger glands mean more THC and more strain potency. Available as liquid or powder under many labels like AgSil®, potassium silicate resists fungus, reduces water loss, and increases growth and yield.

What you’re left with
There is no single best fertilizer for your marijuana plants. So many factors come into play that you need personal flexibility and a lot of knowledge.

If you raise a plant or two in the house, it calls for one strategy, just as you might have for caring for succulents or violets. If you raise many plants in a greenhouse, you must bring lighting and irrigation into the mix. If you raise plants in a natural outdoor environment, you must adapt fertilizers and their administration to their biosphere, including temperature, aeration, and rain.

Try not to over buy. Study the strains you are planting, their respective climate tolerance, and the growth cycle. Test your local soil or purchase soil developed for marijuana productivity.

And, remember, yield volume is not the only metric of productivity. Only experience will prove what fertilizer helps grow products with the best flavor, aroma, and impact for you.

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Best Way to Track Cheating Spouse, Cell Phone Tracking, Track Cell Phone Location An Android GPS app, often called Android tracking-location apps, is a small software application that is installed on any cell phone using the Android OS. This includes many of the hot new cell phones such as the Verizon DROID, HTC DROID Incredible, Nexus One, My Touch 3G, Motorola BackFlip, and many many more.

Once installed, the Android GPS app logs GPS coordinates of the Android cell phone. The GPS logs are then uploaded to an online account where you can log on and view the specific location of the Android cell phone you are tracking.

Many of the Android tracking apps found on the Android app store reveal to the user they are being tracked, but there are several that remain hidden, thus providing a suspicious spouse an excellent way to track their partner to determine if they are cheating.


What makes Android GPS apps so popular as an easy and effective way to catch a cheating spouse, is due to the following reasons.

Quick to install. Tracking apps are very easy to install. All it takes is typing in a URL provided by the vendor, and the tracking software is downloaded directly into the cellphone. Additional set up and configuration is required, but it's very minimal.

Always with you. We all carry our cell phones wherever we go. Using a tracking app that is installed directly on the cell phone is the best way to keep a constant watch on your spouse.

Extremely affordable. These apps are very affordable ranging from free to $150 USD. Obviously you get what you pay for, so make sure you shop around. The more expensive apps tend to remain hidden on the cell phone, thus enabling you to secretly track your spouse.

Easy to use. Tracking software is very easy to use. Once they are set up, you most likely will never have to touch your spouses cell phone. All you do is sit back and view the tracking logs on any internet connected PC.

Lots of other spy options. The most expensive apps go way beyond tracking. These apps, sometimes referred to as spy apps enable you to not only track your spouse, but also read their text messages, view their call records, view photos snapped on their cell, and even listen to their calls.


To purchase an Android GPS app, you need to first know if you want stealth GPS tracking or will you notify your spouse that you are

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10 Ultimate Travel Destinations for Adventure Seekers

Rather than a traditional list of New Year’s resolutions that usually gets broken in a months’ time, how about creating travel plans with adrenaline-charged adventures this 2017?

Your vacation doesn’t always need to be in the beach, or in a tourist destination with main attractions that draw huge crowds. You can always try something different like bungee jumping, rafting, mountain climbing or walking safaris.

Check out this list of travel destinations to feed your inner thrill seeker self!

Located in Western Norway, the Preikestolen or also known as The Preacher’s Pulpit, is one of Norway’s main tourists attractions and is popular among thrill-seekers. It stands 604 meters (1,982 ft) above sea level with its plateau at 25 meter squared (82 feet). Unless you are experienced in base jumping, you might want to settle with standing on top of its flat squareor peering over the cliff which is enough to give you a spine-tingling experience. 
1 Markus Tischler

Abu Dhabi
In case of a long flight and happen to have a stopover in Abu Dhabi, maybe you can swing down at Ferrari Worldand ride the world’s fastest roller coaster – the Formula Rossa. This world-breaking ride speeds up to 240 km/h simulating the rush of what it’s like to drive a Ferrari F1 racer. Prepare to have your skin pulled back on your face!

2 Edd72
Source: Edd72

South Africa
Fly to South Africa if walking with lions or shark cage diving is your ultimate adrenaline rush! The country is blessed with breathtakingly beautiful surroundings and offers a lot of adventures to get your blood pumping. The thrills you can do are endless - from bungee jumping, white water rafting, skydiving, rock climbing, rhino tracking and even crocodile cage diving!
3 G&T

Source: G&T
The Futaleufu River in Chile is one of the premier and most-demanding whitewater runs in the world. With its rough stretches and hard rapids, surrounded by towering peaks of snow-capped mountains, the experience will surely be unlike any river you rafted before. There’s also mountain biking and kayaking options available.

4 Jenna Bullis
Source: Jenna Bullis
New Zealand
When it comes to heart-stopping adventures in one destination, there’s nothing quite like what New Zealand can offer. Every extreme sport you can think of can be found here. Try Zorbing, where you get into an inflatable ball and rolled into down hills. Enjoy the incredible views with skydiving and bungee jumping in Queenstown. Aside from that, there’s also caving, jet-boating and water rafting.

5 Tim Welbourne
Source: Tim Welbourne

Get your adrenaline fix and try Rio de Janeiro’s hang gliding and paragliding!  Soar over Rio and indulge yourself in the spectacular viewsof green forests andstunning beaches! Get to see famous attractions like the SãoConrado beach and Two Brothers Mountains in Ipanema. Other activities in Brazil include rappelling in Barra de Guaratiba, horse riding safaris in Pantanal and canyoning through waterfalls.
6 Marcio Santos
Source: Marcio Santos

If you want to try something “wild”in Europe, how about joining the bull run in Pamplona, Spain during the fiesta of Saint Fermín? Taking part in the festival is no joke as there had been a lot of casualties over the years. You can also climb the Caminito del Rey, Spain’s most terrifying mountain path. Its steep walls are pinned near the El Chorro village and is over 100 years old and 350 ft. high. Its path of missing sections and holes is surely not for the faint-hearted!
7 volkskrant
Source: volkskrant

Climbing the highest mountain is no longer the ultimate feat, skydiving over it, is! Leap from a helicopter from a 23,000 ft height and take in the breathtaking scenery as you float towards a drop zone. Start saving as the cost is at 35,000 USD per person!
8 Ace the Himalaya

Have you ever heard about volcanic boarding? Include this amazing experience in your bucket list this year! Schedule your trip to Nicaragua and hike at one of their active volcanoes, the Cerro Negro for about 45 minutes. Upon reaching the peak, strap yourselves and slide down the 728-meter-high volcano! Reach the bottom in less than 3 minutes and enjoy the exhilarating speed!
9 Nayarr Butt

Source: Nayarr Butt

Let loose and get your pulse racing with extreme adventures that you can try in France. Go paragliding over the French Alps, ski in the La Grave also known as the “Death Mountain” or ride the 8-15 metre monster Belharra wave. 
10 Eric Faurisson

Are your palms sweaty and itching to book a flight to these destinations now? What would you like to experience first? Share with me on the comments below.

A Week in Abu Dhabi

If you say United Arab Emirates, one of the places that instantly comes to mind is Abu Dhabi. Aside from being the capital, Abu Dhabi is a well-ordered and modern city known as the center for business and government. It is a popular holiday destination with its golden beaches, water parks and desert drives. With the size of the city and the number of activities you can do, a day or two would not be enough to appreciate its splendor and wonder.
Flight availability is not a problem since flights to Abu Dhabi are offered by numerous major airlines and run weekly. Get booking and get to explore some (if not all) the amazing attractions this breathtaking city has to offer – all in 7 days.

Day 1
Visit the Grand Mosque
 1 mattharvey1
Source: mattharvey1
The first place that tourists like you can visit is Abu Dhabi’s landmark building – the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This is the resting place of the UAE’s founding president, Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan and is the third biggest mosque in the world. Made of white Macedonian marble, this structure has 82 domes, a central courtyard with 1048 columns faced with marble panels and inlaid with semi-precious stones, and the world’s largest carpet and chandelier. It can hold up to 40,000 worshippers and is open to visitors daily. Go on guided tours and explore all areas of the mosque – including the prayer rooms and vast library.

Stroll the promenade
 2 Achilli Family
After nourishing your spiritual side, spend the rest of the day and evening in the Corniche – a four-mile promenade in the heart of the city. Enjoy the amazing view of the Arabian Gulf and the towering skyscrapers that crowd the skyline as you walk through a sprawling green space. You can enjoy a picnic in one of the paved walkways lined with benches or you can spread a blanket in the public beach. End the day by grabbing a quick bite in one of the many kitchen available – be it Ethiopian, Middle Eastern or European.

Day 2
Get pumped up at Yas Island
 3 Sarah Ackerman
Get ready for a day filled with adrenaline at Yas Island – one of Abu Dhabi’s top luxury hotel destinations. Start the day off by lounging and sunbathing along the sandy beach stretch. Then get yourself wet and wild at Waterworld – the world’s biggest water park that offers you raft rides, slides, ravines and wave machines. After you’ve had your fill of the water, hop on over to Ferrari World and experience the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa, which touches 150 mph! You can end the day by taking a run or cycle around the Yas Marina Circuit, where Abu Dhabi’s Formula One racing event takes place every year.

Day 3
Peek into history at Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
 4 Guilhem Vellut
Start your day by taking a blast into the past at this heritage site. The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is an authentic replica of a typical Bedouin encampment and the Emirati life before the oil boom. This is run by the Emirates Heritage Club and is located at the end of the Corniche. There are exhibits that features everything from crafts, spice shops and camels to local agriculture, pearl diving trade and photography.

Admire Emirates Palace
 5 Guilhem Velut
Source: Guilhem Velut
Make your jaws drop as you take in the beauty of the Emirates Palace – a seven-star hotel spread across 100 hectares of lush lawns and gardens. This is considered an architectural marvel for its 114 domes, 1,002 chandeliers and interiors that are decorated with gold leaves, marble and pearl. Take dozens of pictures and keep the memories with you as you get to stroll through this structure for free!
Day 4
Soak under the heat at the Desert
 6 Zach Dishner
Source: Zach Dishner
Escape to the south of Abu Dhabi and enjoy the beauty of Liwa Oasis. This oasis settlement is known for date farming and having one of the largest sand dunes in the world. You get to tick off activities like riding a dune buggy, trying sand surfing, or going camel trekking from your bucket list. If you want more of the desert, proceed to Al Ain – the Garden City. Enjoy the greenery with the mighty peak of Jebel Hafeet as the backdrop.

Day 5
Have a taste of culture
Tickle your creative side by visiting the best collections and museums Abu Dhabi has to offer. Take ride to Saadiyat Island, the new cultural district. Take your pick from the Saadiyat Island Story, a permanent exhibition which explains the vision off the island, or the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which showcases collections on loan from its Paris namesake and other French museums. If you want to behold of local talent, proceed to Ghaf Gallery in the Khalidiya area. This is a 1500 square exhibition space that nurtures local talent and regularly features contemporary art by upcoming artists.

Day 6
Enjoy a day at the zoo
 7 pelican
Source: pelican
A day at the zoo is always a good idea. It is an even better idea when you get to Emirates Park Zoo and see a host of animals that include rare white tigers, giraffes and elephants. There is also a primate section and a flamingo park with a sea lion enclosure. Get to pet and feed domestic breeds of animals at the petting zoo. If you still want more of the wildlife, visit the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. This may be a working veterinary hospital for ill and injured falcons, but there are also guided tours that allow you to get up close and personal with these birds of prey.

Cruise through the boat tours
The locals say that the best views of Abu Dhabi can be seen when you head out into the water. So it is recommended that you slow down by taking a boat tour after an energy-filled day with animals. There are quite a few different operators that run tours for all budget types; but the most popular option is the sunset cruise that lets you experience dusk in Abu Dhabi as you appreciate the view of the high rise buildings when you drift out from the marina.

Day 7
Watch a free movie
Your 7-day trip is coming to an end and what a better way to end it by taking things slow on the last day, specifically by catching a movie! What makes it even better is that it’s free! Go to The Space which is on the ground floor of the TwoFour54 Building. They regularly hold free movie nights; and with luck, you might even get the chance to watch and Emirati short film or a European art flick!
Bask in the beauty of the city
 8 Kathrin Mezger
Spend your last night in Abu Dhabi by appreciating the skyline view of the city for one last time. Go up the observation deck in the Jumeriah at Etihad Tower Hotel, which is considered the highest point in the city. There is an entry fee for non-guests of the hotel, but you can have your money’s worth when you enjoy food and drinks while taking in the view. Great food and drinks with a great view is the perfect ending to your Abu Dhabi experience.