Friday, 24 February 2017

Water Damaged Collectibles and Art Orange County, CA Art Restoration Testimonial

Disaster Response of water damaged collectibles and art - testimonial from home owner in Orange County, CA. For contact info click on SHOW MORE PuroClean Property Paramedics

Contact Info:

Art Conservators at FACL: Scott M. Haskins, Gaby Irving (disaster response specialist), Oriana Montemurro, Virginia Panizzon 805 564 3438

Ruben Terrazas
PuroClean Property Paramedics
6211 Cedar Hill Place
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
C – (626) 736-6469
P – (909) 360-5300
F – (909) 295-6345

Smoke Damaged Collectibles, Paintings and Furniture – Santa Barbara Ventura, CA – Art Restoration Te

Disaster Response of smoke damaged collectibles and art - testimonial from home owner in the Santa Barbara Ventura area, CA. For more info click on SHOW MORE More testimonials :

This home owner’s disaster response company did not have a “vendor” on their list to whom they felt comfortable about entrusting the artwork, collectibles and furniture. So, they put it on the owners to find someone. The disaster response company, therefore lost out on the margin they would have earned on this $12,000 job. They also lost out on the good will and future recommendations by the home owner and the insurance company who were so pleased with the restoration work.

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories did an assessment in the beginning for the insurance company (State Farm was very good with this claim), answered directly all the questions and worries of the owners, picked up and redelivered the completed work after all was done to the owner’s satisfaction.

Contact Info:

Art Conservators at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories (FACL, Inc.): Scott M. Haskins, Gaby Irving (disaster response specialist), Oriana Montemurro, Virginia Panizzon 805 564 3438

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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Friday, 2 December 2016

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The survey had asked users to define what qualities they would want to see in a bi dating review site. Most people listed unbiased review as the number one quality and detailed review was mentioned as the second most important one. Other qualities mentioned were listing how many users each site had, for what purpose the site is most useful (that is, sex, casual dating, or true companionship), and the chances of meeting a partner through a particular site. scores well on all these counts. It offers users not only unbiased but also a detailed review of some of the more popular bisexual dating sites, giving them all the information they need to make an informed decision when they pick a bisexual dating site.

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New Dating Review Site Helps Singles Dive Confidently Into Modern Dating

Dating in today’s world can be defined by two words: internet dating. The online dating market has surged in recent years due to more and more singles of all ages embracing the new path to finding love. In a time when the market is flooded with websites that may help you find the romance you’ve been looking for, one new company is making it a point to make it easier for interracial romance to bloom by guiding visitors with their dating site reviews.

Ebony Dating Sites is a comprehensive review and advice platform that focuses on the African American demographic. According to market research, African American singles and those seeking them make up the second largest percentage of singles dating online today; falling just behind singles in the 50+ demographic. What makes this company different is their approach to rating and reviewing dating websites. Ebony Dating Sites only provides reviews for sites that have the best features and offers for their target audience. Each review provides visitors with a detailed breakdown of the sites features, match quality, profile setup process, and overall user experience.

This information is valuable because it helps singles understand how one dating site might be better than another. Singles can use this information to make an informed decision about which site will be able to offer them the best experience for their romantic future. Ebony Dating Sites also reviews the top interracial mobile dating applications. The success of mobile dating applications has caused them to be the primary method for meeting other singles. Convenience and affordability are cited as the reasoning behind this.

Finding love is easier than ever provided you know the right dating website to work with. Ebony Dating Sites is committed to helping singles save time and effort by providing them with the best information about each dating site so that they have the best chance of finding love. As the first site of its kind, this company is truly in a class all its own. More information about Ebony Dating Sites can be found by visiting the on the web or contacting

New Dating Review Website Offers Answers for Latino Singles

Newly launched provides modern day singles with detailed insight on the hottest dating sites for Latino love.

It seems like today there is a niche dating site for every group of people. Many singles prefer utilizing these targeted sites because they help them find their best type of love interest quickly and easily. Even some of the big name dating websites, such as and, have started offering segregated sections specifically for interests including religion, ethnicity, and other niche dating markets. With so many options it can be hard to determine which website is going to actually help you find love. Latin Dating Sites aims to provide an answer to this problem with their innovative website which carefully assesses and reviews those dating platforms targeted at the Latino single market.

Latin Dating Sites provides users with high quality reviews that are detailed enough to give the reader a clear understanding of what to expect if they choose that specific dating website. You will learn the pros and cons of each site, profile features, match quality and matching system, and so much more. The platform reviews mobile dating applications and websites that are both free and paid. With a little help from this company, singles will be able to find the best website to meet their needs based on their geographic location, relationship goals, and the type of user experience which they are looking for.

Accessing the site is completely free. Visitors are able to quickly click around to the hottest Latino dating sites or apps and read the full review. These reviews are designed to be informative for those individuals who are looking for the perfect platform for themselves. Since not every site is the same quality, this program gives you the opportunity to properly vet a dating platform before you ever sign up. The end result is to provide users with a tool to better to tackle their quest for love in the modern day in age. With the reviews and information available at Latin Dating Sites, singles will discover that they can save time, money, and effort and still have a lustrous experience finding love.

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Thursday, 31 March 2016

3 Facial Secrets You Never Knew Existed

Salon in Boca Raton Discovers 3 Facial Secrets You Never Knew Existed :-

While daily cleansing of the skin can seem like you’re properly caring for your skin, it can also be damaging. Skin care products that have a lot of alcohol in them can be drying and cause the epidermis (outermost layer) of the skin to lose important nutrients that protect the skin. This is one of the many reasons that you should have regular facials done. Here are a few more secrets you may not have known about facials and wellness of your skin.